If you can’t tell, that man is peeing on his psychologically fragile son while he sleeps, as a joke. (In the missing fifth panel, the man thinks to himself “Why am I always so much funnier when no one is around to laugh at it?”. We have all been there.)

n this comic, a young girl on the cusp of womanhood has been stabbed to death, which her mother discovers just as she is rushing in to photograph what she believes to be her daughter’s first menstruation (who CAN’T relate to that?). Hilarious!

I believe this comic speaks for itself.

Variation on a theme.

Sorry about these comix

I didn’t think they were good enough to draw better versions of, but the quality is admittedly a new low. They were drawn in pencil on a sheet of notebook paper and they’re kind of hard to read, so I added descriptions to clarify what’s going on in each one.
originally posted March 9, 2010
Wow, what a poor showing.

-Lilly Richard


mommy, why is my mattress covered in blood?
oh sally, you’re a woman now

this one should go in a hall of fame for awesome comics

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