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Yeah, don’t lend me money.

-Lilly Richard


Wait, you drew your own poop? Is that what that is?

— Betsey · Tuesday September 28, 2010 · #

But man, we can all relate to that.

— Betsey · Tuesday September 28, 2010 · #

No poop! The money fell in the toilet and I washed it off and gave it back!

— Lilly · Wednesday September 29, 2010 · #

Yeah, the “poop” is just dollar bills and the hole wherein the poop disappears. It wouldn’t really make sense that the character had pooped before the pants came off, I guess. A few times in my life I have dropped stuff into poopy toilets. I like the face in the reflection!

Tareq Abuissa · Thursday September 30, 2010 · #

Oh, I was under the impression that it fell in there after all business was finished. So…it’s toilet paper then, right? It’s important that I know this.

— Betsey · Friday October 1, 2010 · #

you are despicable.

— Katie · Thursday October 7, 2010 · #