Distant City

Big News Bears!

I’m very excited to announce that I’m going to be at MoCCA Fest in NYC on April 2 and 3, where I’ll be debuting my 20-page mini-comic Distant City, published by the Uncivilized Books Lab. I’ll be at the Uncivilized Books table (wherever that is), so if you are in New York, please come say hi! And buy my book for $5!

The comic will also be for sale through the Uncivilized Books website, and I’ll be sure to throw that link up here once it’s available.

I’ve been working on this dang comic for 5 months now (which I know is going to seem unbelievable when you can read through the whole thing in about 2 minutes, but trust me, a lot went into it), and I’m very proud and excited to share it with you all. Big thanks to Alyse B and Kurt Austin for their support and advice throughout the process, Tom K for taking me on as an intern and giving me a chance to publish my work, and Luke Mahan for supporting my comics from the beginning.

Anyway, see you at MoCCA!

-Lilly Richard